The Mission of the Network is the cooperation in the area of ‘significant’ thermal-hydraulic experiments applicable for current and future generation of water cooled nuclear reactors.


  • To optimize the funding available worldwide for experiments, recognizing their vital role for the design and the safety of existing and coming NPP, 
    including connecting with past and recent initiatives like CERTA-TN (former EC-Project) and STRESA-database.

  • To coordinate the efforts of teams of experimentalists in order to provide a support for international institutions, like OECD/NEA and IAEA, namely for launching and possibly organizing International Standard Problems.

  • To address the scaling issue and providing an agreed view from the side of experimentalists. This also implies the design and the execution of Counterpart Tests.

  • To set up a Center of Expertise for supporting experimental programs in “Embarking Countries” (i.e. new Countries having Nuclear Programs) having interests in the area of large thermal-hydraulic experiments.

  • To maintain, expand and use the database of experiments already available from various parts of the world, possibly in cooperation with the international institutions (particularly OECD/NEA, where NEA Data Bank is available).

  • To identify margins for possible improvement of the existing measurement techniques.

Working modalities

Developing a common understanding (e.g. by collecting different opinions and achieving a consensus document) about:

  • current relevance of experimental data;

  • importance of supporting, maintaining and fostering data banks;

  • importance of a systematic data base, with particular reference to complex experiments (integral test facilities).