SILENCE (SIgnificant  Light and Heavy Water Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Experiments Network for the Consistent Exploitation of the Data) is a Network for cooperation among teams of experimentalists managing significant experimental projects in nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics.

SILENCE Network connects Institutions and Organizations that are involved in the development and exploitation of “significant” thermal-hydraulic experiments as a support to the safety assessment and the design of water-cooled nuclear reactor, of both current and future generations.

SILENCE Network promotes and fosters the establishment of a common ground for cooperation and discussion, so as to drive the prioritization and decision-making processes related to development of new experiments and optimized utilization of existing data.

The San Piero a Grado Nuclear Research Group (GRNSPG) serves as Host Institution for SILENCE.

The company N.IN.E. Nuclear and Industrial Engineering (NINE) provides technical, managerial and administrative support for the operation of SILENCE.


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